Should UFC Fans Trust Dana White?

By Kevin Davidson
Dana White
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Bold moves are being made on the daily by Dana White!

The biggest shock of this past week came when the UFC cut Yushin Okami. White basically cut him because he became a very expensive gatekeeper. Does that make sense? Begrudgingly, yes. It is a rough situation all around, a serious catch-22. It stinks because we are seeing an intelligent fighter get the axe and by “intelligent”, I mean that he stuck to what he was good at.

Was he the most exciting fighter ever? Absolutely not! Was Okami a good fighter capable of giving the best a run for their money? You bet.

I needed to get that off my chest. It felt good. Anyway, White is making outrageous statements again, this time saying he would not buy Bellator. This is a weird comment considering White has bought all of the UFC’s competition. This all boils down to one question: should fans trust him? Yes, we should.

Over the years, I have picked up a couple things about White, the no. 1 being that he is not the best communicator. White tends to go on tangents that are charged with emotion. He rarely has a game plan to these answers, so most of them just come out without him really thinking about how they sound.

We usually get the real answer a couple days later once White has calmed down and can answer the question in peace. Okami? Someone has to go for another person to get a chance. Seeing as he was too expensive, they are going to bring in another fighter for a change. That sounds a lot better to the ears because it makes sense.

The bottom line of is that White has never led UFC fans down a wrong path. Sure, there have been a couple events that were not worth the price tag, but we are talking about the guy who got the deal with FOX. We are talking about the guy who gives the fans the fights they want to see, and the fights we do not want to that end up being some of the best fights of the year.

As long as White is calling the shots, I think UFC fans should lend some support whenever we can.

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