Top Five NASCAR Paint Schemes of 2012

By Joseph Wolkin
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NASCAR paint schemes are always a hit for race fans. The revenue that paint schemes generate can add up to millions of dollars, especially when they get involved with one of the most popular drivers that the sport has to offer such as a Dale Earnhardt Jr. or maybe even a Jeff Gordon. These schemes aren’t just a pretty picture on a 3,400 lb stock car, they’re pieces of art.

The design efforts that go into designing a paint scheme is intense. Painters such as Sam Bass take countless hours to make sure each square inch of the car is covered up to fit the team’s desire. However, the paint scheme approval process has to go through the sponsors before they get approved to run on the racetrack.

Sponsors are very careful about how their logos are represented on the racetrack. That is why many fans that see a “rendering” of cars before the season begins as that means the scheme is simply not approved yet. This doesn’t mean that the scheme won’t be running, it just means that a few minor adjustments, if any, will be needed.

In the past, teams used to paint the cars with cans of spray paint and then paste the sponsor logos onto the cars, but that’s changed. In the modern era of Motorsports, teams use technology to paint their race cars. They use a long process with wraps that are pasted onto cars that takes just a few hours to paste on and come out looking fantastic. Joe Gibbs Racing and Richard Childress Racing have several YouTube videos of a quicker version, or a “time lapse,” of their cars getting wrapped. This process makes the cars go from just one color to numerous colors with decals all over the place.

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