Lewis Hamilton Captures His First Win for Mercedes in Hungary

By Michael Guzman


Lewis Hamilton
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The fruits of Mercedes AMG team boss Ross Brawn‘s labor are finally seeming to come to fruition. After the dissolution of Brawn GP in 2009, Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel dominated the Formula 1 landscape with an incredible run the likes of which hadn’t been seen since Michael Schumacher and Ferrari. As Lewis Hamilton proved today at The Hungaroring, Mercedes is not only a formidable contender for the top two steps of the podium, but both the drivers and constructors titles in the near future.

The victory today marked Lewis Hamilton’s first of many victories for Mercedes GP after leaving the team that brought him into Formula 1 with an attitude and driving ability that transformed him into a superstar. And while many question the move, it seems as if the Mercedes team will be outperforming McLaren Mercedes for 2013 and years to come.

It also marked Hamilton’s fourth career victory in Hungary, a track which he has dominated much like Michael Schumacher did years ago. Considering the point in the schedule which Hungary currently sits, and the fact that the race has been extended into 2022, only great things lie ahead for Lewis Hamilton going forward.

Recall also that this is a Mercedes team which is supposedly being punished right now. And while the implications of the Young Drivers Test at Silverstone mostly lie with aerodynamic changes, it is hard to believe that the punishment fits the crime for the “secret test” earlier this year if Mercedes can continue to find its way into victory lane. En route to victory, Pirelli’s hybrid compound performed admirably, with Mercedes able to preserve their tires better than anyone else in incredible heat.

All is not perfect for the team. Once again, while one car prospered, the other car faltered. Nico Rosberg had a major engine failure with mere laps to go in the race. The team that was his to develop as primary driver to Michael Schumacher has now been ripped from him, and looking forward it appears as if Lewis Hamilton will only get better.

With 2014, major changes are arriving into the forefront of Formula 1. Smaller engines should continue to benefit Red Bull, Mercedes and Lotus GP. Pirelli appears to be back with a new compound, hopefully having learned lessons from this year, which caused many incidents. And for Mercedes, the transition from Principal Ross Brawn to Paddy Lowe will officially begin with the intention to build on days like today, where dominant victories are possible.

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