NBA Rumors: LeBron James to sign with Charlotte Bobcats in 2014?

By Dave Hilts
LeBron James With the Finals MVP
Steve Mitchell-US Presswire


With the talks of LeBron James’ free agency bid looming in the summer of 2014, it appears fair to point out that there is certainly enough reason to entertain the thought of the reigning Finals MVP taking his talents to …Charlotte.

Before this possibility is laughed off (fairly enough, as the Charlotte Bobcats became the league’s worst team in its history last season), it would be wise to note that entering the summer of 2014, the Bobcats have the potential to have freed themselves from all but two players on their current roster – Tyrus Thomas and Brendan Haywood, at eleven million combined – and, with the current state of the team’s roster, it seems fair to admit that there is currently no one worth holding on to if the end result is landing LeBron James.

Also, based on the yearly salary LeBron would be offered, the team would actually be able to accept their options for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bismack Biyombo, and Kemba Walker.  Depending on their growth and development, this could actually amount to a solid cast of characters to build around James and a championship run.

The only situation in which the team would not be able to afford Lebron would be if they chose to give Gerald Henderson a note-worthy deal in the preceding summer.

Understandably, it will take more than money to lure LeBron to Charlotte; however, luckily for the Bobcats, they hold a piece that could easily make this free agent signing occur: Michael Jordan.

Despite not having the greatest track record as a front office employee, Jordan definitely holds the ability to persuade the likes of a LeBron James into signing with his squad.  The pitch would certainly include the potential to win a ring as, hands down, the best player on the team – something LeBron has taken heat for, and ironically, something he may have to do to gain an edge in the ‘greatest of all-time’ conversation.

It may seem unlikely that LeBron will sign with Charlotte in 2014 right now – but, then again, it is only 2012…

– Dave Hilts



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