Carelessness Continues For The Dallas Mavericks

By Derek Ayala

The way tonight’s game played out, the Dallas Mavericks deserved to lose. They lost to the Golden State Warriors 105-101 in overtime. It may look like a close game, but I believe that the Mavs needed this loss to help them regroup.

Despite the 16 points in the fourth quarter and overtime effort by O.J. Mayo, the carelessness cost them tonight’s game. It was not the only reason, but it was the main reason. Everybody passing the ball to a unopen man, inbounding the ball too quickly, allowing the Warriors to steal and make an easy layup/dunk. Also the lack of rebounding cost them the game as well.

I hate for my prediction that the Mavs will be under .500 by Christmas to be right. The way they are playing, it will be pure luck for them to beat a team that is above .500.

Vince Carter did leave the game at the beginning of the fourth quarter with a sprained hamstring, but was able to return late in the fourth. However, that was not the main issue for the Mavs’ loss tonight.

The fact that the Mavs had so many careless turnovers is what cost them tonight’s game. The Mavs had a total of 17 turnovers.

Another non-factor for this game was that Elton Brand was left on the bench after starting the game tonight. He scored only five points to go along with two blocks and three rebounds. That was with just 14 minutes of play. His lack of production, I believe, is the reason why coach Rick Carlisle did not put him back on the court.

However, both Troy Murphy and Bernard James stepped it up in the place of Brand tonight. James produced four points, five rebounds and three blocks. For Murphy, he had 12 points to go along with four rebounds, two blocks and four steals.

Nevertheless, even with Murphy and James stepping it up tonight the Mavs were still out rebounded 62-43. If Brand was able to provide tonight then the rebounding would have been tight throughout the game.

It will not surprise me if Brand loses his starting role and is replaced by Murphy. He has not stepped up as a teammate this first month of the NBA season and it looks like he is not going to be able to.

Do not get me wrong, though. Brand was not the main reason for tonight’s lost. I believe it’s the lack of communication that the team has is costing them to lose. If they continue to make careless plays then this three game home stand looks like it will be a winless one.

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