Dallas Mavericks' Turnovers Is A Sign Of Lack Of Discipline

By Derek Ayala
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks get embarrassed again by a Hollywood team. Last night the Mavs lose to the Los Angeles Clippers 112-90. Not for a second of this game the Mavs looked like they were confident. From tip-off to the final buzzer the Mavs looked like a team that is on it’s way to a 15-67 record.

Again, they are playing without Dirk Nowitzki, but even when he returns it may be to late for him to do anything. Everybody on the Mavs right now are all clueless. They had so many turnovers last night it was very pathetic.

There are two different type of turnovers in the NBA. There is a “good” turnover and then there is a “stupid” turnover. A “good” one is when a player loses the ball due to great defense from the other team. A “stupid” turnover is a player who is just careless with the ball and with the current play.

Last night the Mavs had 22 turnovers. I did not keep count, but more than half of those were “stupid” turnovers.

This team does not know who they are right now. They have no identity. I do not want to start blaming coach Rick Carlisle, but the way this team is playing it seems like they have no discipline.

Their bench is horrible and their starters are horrible. The leading scorer for the Mavs was Vince Carter who came off the bench. He scored 16 points.

When I say the Mavs have no discipline that is because of so many jump shots. It seems like they are scared to go in the paint and get a good lay-up or dunk. They were outscored in the paint 62-30. They shot 19 three pointers and only made five (26.3%). That is what I mean when I say the Mavs have no discipline.

Darren Collison came off the bench again and was pretty much a non-factor. He only scored eight points, had two assists and one steal. He also had five turnovers. I believe that with Collison unhappy with his role that it is causing him to play horribly.

He lost his starter’s job last week. Derek Fisher took that role while Collison is now a bench player. Watching him on the court it looks like his young immaturity is starting to kick in.

Right now, Dallas is a team that they were in the 1990’s. I hate to say it, but it’s true. Without their main superstar, the Mavs truly do “suck.”

Tonight, they are on the road again in a back-to-back game against the Phoenix Suns. This game is between two bad teams on national TV (TNT).

It is starting to look like the beginning of the end for the Mavs 2012-13 season. However, who knows how the Mavs will be once the “big German” returns. There is still a lot of basketball left, but the Mavs are falling quickly into a deep ditch.

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