Do Not Expect Major Changes For The Dallas Mavericks

By Derek Ayala
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Do not expect any big change for the Dallas Mavericks anytime soon. Starting tomorrow, December 15th, most players in the NBA who were signed over this past off-season are now eligible to be traded.

O.J. Mayo and Chris Kaman are the only two on the team who had the restriction, but the Mavericks are now allowed to trade them starting tomorrow. However, there is no way Dallas is going to trade either of the two. For that matter, the Mavs may not make any big changes in the coming months even before the trade deadline in February.

The fact is that the Mavs really have nobody that they could trade that would even interest any other teams in the league. Besides, almost everybody on the team is stepping up their game in waiting for their superstar, Dirk Nowitzki, to make his 2012-13 debut.

Personally, living here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex I hear talks about how the Mavs need to make some type of move to save their season. It’s from both fans and local media.

However, the Mavs do not in fact need to make any changes at the moment. I mean why should they?

They are playing decent basketball right now especially without Nowitzki. Mayo is playing like an all-star and the team is still at the .500 mark. It could be worse. I mean, look at the Los Angeles Lakers. Mavs fans really do not have it that bad.

Nowitzki is expected to return in the coming week or two and if Dallas has a decent record, as they do now, then they could make a little run. Although, it may take another week or so for Nowitzki to get his “legs” back, but once he is able to perform 100% then the “Dirk-O.J. Combo” may start to show.

Again, there is no reason for the Mavs to make any big changes and especially this early in the season. There may be minor changes to the roster like the line-ups or some of the rookies being sent down to the Texas Legends, but nothing major is going to change for this Mavs team.

It is still early and I still believe the Mavs can make a run for a higher seed (4th-6th). Once that happens then it may be a good thing that the Mavericks did not make any big moves. Who knows? Maybe they can catch “lightning in the bottle” as they did in 2011.

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