Charlotte Bobcats Need to Perform Strongly After Long Rest

By Cody Williams
Gerald Henderson Charlotte Bobcats
Mark J. Rebilas – USA Today Sports Images

Not only have the Charlotte Bobcats had a brutal schedule lately in regards to their opponents, but also with the timing of their games.

The Bobcats’ last four games took place in five nights. The three games before that took place in four nights. There was only a three-day break in between those two stretches.

It doesn’t matter if Charlotte is a younger team in the NBA or not; it’s taxing for anyone to participate in that much high-level action.

The silver-lining in this, though, is that, in the first games of both of those clusters, the Bobcats performed very well against superior opponents.

Their three games in four nights stretch opened with the Los Angeles Clippers, a team that’s been on a tear as of late, winning 13-straight games. The Bobcats were able to keep themselves in the game and never let it get out of hand. Sure, they ended up losing, but the fact that they gave themselves a chance is important.

Charlotte’s four games in five nights started with a contest against the Los Angeles Lakers. This was a game the Bobcats legitimately should have won. They squandered an 18-point lead in the second half and lost to the Lakers by one point. But they did play well enough to win.

Their next game is on Wednesday against the Miami Heat. The Bobcats need to continue to play well after rest coming into this game. Not only do they need to play well to compete with the defending champs, but also to build some sort of momentum.

The Bobcats also have more than just a little bit of rest going for them. The Heat will also only be one day removed from a battle with the Oklahoma City Thunder on Christmas Day. It’s safe to say that Miami might have a little less gas in the tank after that game, which plays in Charlotte’s favor.

Though it seems like a bit of a long-shot for the Bobcats to beat the Heat, if Charlotte is able to do so, or is even able to make a close game of it, it could pay huge dividends for the Bobcats moving forward.

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