Utah Jazz Starting Guards Need To Avoid Future Disastrous Performances

By John Raffel
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not good when one member of an NBA team’s starting backcourt struggles to score. But when they both struggle, forget it.

The Utah Jazz starting backcourt of Randy Foye and Jamaal Tinsley had a long night over the weekend in a 120-109 upset to the Sacramento Kings. They combined to score 10 points on 4-for-12 shooting in the loss.

Usually the Foye-Tinsley combination is suitable at the very worst. So what happened this particular night?

Neither player could get on track at all and saw extensive time on the bench, as a result. Neither played more than half of the game although they both started, they didn’t seen ready to play right from the opening tip.

It’s the type of game from their starting guards that the Jazz obviously cannot afford at any time.

Foye, at 12 points per game, isn’t having a bad season. He’s shooting 41.2 percent from the floor and 42.8 percent in threes, which is generally okay. Tinsley tried three triples and one field goal against the Kings and made just one shot, although he did have five assists and four steals. But, his lack of  offense didn’t help the Jazz.

He’s averaging more in assists, than points, at 5.2 compared to 4.0 per game, so this wasn’t exactly a different type of game for him. He usually plays more minutes to give the Jazz more floor leadership and good defensive skills.

This just wasn’t his night, and Jazz fans saw what happened when both of their starting guards plays poorly.

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