Could Michael Jordan Play in the NBA Now? His Trainer Thinks So

By Trisity Miller
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Ten years ago Michael Jordan averaged 20 points per game for the Washington Wizards. That was the last time he’s played in the NBA. But word now is that he’s “preparing” for a comeback. His trainer Tim Grover thinks he could still play in the league today.

“I heard that speech differently than everybody else,” Grover said. Grover heard Jordan raising the idea of playing in the NBA in his 50s, and that was all the nod he needed to begin preparations.

“If I ever get that call,” Grover said, “I was going to be prepared for it. And I am.”

Let’s be clear. Jordan’s the greatest player the NBA has ever seen. Between his highlight dunks, clutch plays and everything he did to add to his legacy, he’s the peak of what you want an NBA player’s career to be now. But could Jordan play in the NBA now? Sure. Anyone could play in the NBA now. If Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson decided to bring back “showtime” they could do that.

Would they be good should be the real question. Grover also stated that at his current age, 50 years old, he would be the best player on his Charlotte Bobcats. While that Bobcats team isn’t the most talented team in the NBA, Jordan wouldn’t be better than Kemba Walker.

But Jordan could probably average 10 points a game. That would be due to the referees giving him the same calls he got when he was in his prime. And sorry, but beating rookie Michael Kidd-Gilchrist isn’t enough to convince me anything. Is it fair to say he’d be a poor man’s Kobe Bryant? Scoring, but playing little to no defense? And imagine him trying to guard a Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker or LeBron James.

If Jordan wants to come back, that’s just his passion for the game speaking. We’d appreciate him more if he did his best to turn his Bobcats into a quality basketball team and didn’t draft another Kwame Brown or Adam Morrison.

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