Should Phoenix Suns Trade Power Forward Luis Scola?

By Michael Terrill
Should Phoenix Suns Trade Power Forward Luis Scola
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question the Phoenix Suns are in rebuild mode after the team posted the second worst record in franchise history (27-55) during the 2012-13 NBA season. In fact, the Suns are doing everything they can to get a third first-round draft pick in order to help the rebuilding process. Even though power forward could be one of the harder positions on the team that must be rebuilt, should Phoenix trade Luis Scola for more draft picks?

Scola ranked second on the team in points (12.8) and rebounds (6.6) per game last season. The Suns do not have anyone on the current roster who can play power forward effectively in the starting lineup on a consistent basis. Marcus Morris has plenty of potential, but the fact is he does not have what it takes to start. Phoenix will most likely draft a power forward in the first round, especially if Anthony Bennett is still on the board. However, Scola is the best bet to get consistent production next season.

With that being said, Scola is also 33 years old, and his $4.51 million contract for 2013-14 is not exactly ideal for a team that is trying to shed money. Not to mention, Scola had some bad words to say about the Suns towards the end of the season regarding the team’s performance and former head coach Lindsey Hunter. The last thing a young team needs is a parasite in the locker room who does not exactly want to be there.

The fact of the matter is Scola does not have a place on a rebuilding team, nor does he want to be a part of that at his age. The Argentina native is looking to go out on top, and unfortunately, the Suns are not going to be able to give that to him anytime soon. The best thing to do for both parties is to part ways.

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