Shabazz Muhammad's NBA Draft Stock Rightfully Moving Up

By Devin O'Barr
Shabazz Muhammad moving up in 2013 NBA Mock Drafts
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Far too often, NBA teams across the country simply over think the all-encompassing NBA draft.

In the case of prospect Shabazz Muhammad, what you see is what you get and one club is going to reap the benefits of drafting him this June. Muhammad is a scorer by nature, yet the ex-UCLA Bruins guard doesn’t exactly wow you when it comes to intangibles. However, the intangibles don’t mean more than the points that Muhammad is sure to score while at the professional level.

At UCLA, trouble seemed to follow the soon-to-be NBA star, yet every college kid has some kind of issue nowadays.

Even still, any team drafting in the lottery this summer needs someone who can put the ball in the basket — Muhammad can score in bunches, just ask anyone in the Pac-12 last year. So a team like the Minnesota Timberwolves would be foolish to pass on Muhammad if he is indeed available when the team goes on the clock at pick No. 9. Kevin Love and company weren’t efficient on the offensive end last year as the club finished 25th in the league in points scored per game in 2012.

Especially in this weak of a draft, the idea of not drafting a guy who averaged 17.9 points per game in his freshman year at UCLA is bananas. Honestly — the idea of  passing on a pure scorer in this draft is ridiculous. Sure, the speculation of Muhammad becoming the next Jodie Meeks is alive and well, but Shabazz is a risk worth taking this summer.

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