Chicago Bulls: Trading Kirk Hinrich and Re-Signing Nate Robinson Makes Sense

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The Chicago Bulls have been relatively quiet this offseason as they don’t have too much money to work with at the moment. But, there is one move they can make that would immensely improve the team in 2013.

Point guard Nate Robinson is a free agent, and with a healthy Derrick Rose now, he would be the third point guard on the roster behind Rose and Kirk Hinrich. With no money to work with and no need at the position, the Bulls are prepared to let Robinson go.

After the way he performed last season, that would be a mistake. Robinson showed guts, heart and plenty of scoring throughout the season and could be the single reason for a handful of victories last year. Letting Robinson walk is something they are prepared to do, but they don’t have to allow it to happen.

Hinrich’s deal expires next summer — something plenty of teams would find attractive. He is also a solid defender and has plenty of experience to offer as a backup, thus the reason the Bulls are comfortable with him. But, if Chicago could move Hinrich it would allow them to bring Robinson back for at least one more year.

Why would this make the most sense? Durability. Hinrich had over nine documented injuries last season — check the report. That is unacceptable. Robinson was as durable as they come in 2012 and even played through the stomach flu in the playoffs. Sound familiar? Of course it does, Chicagoans.

I apologize for the comparison. I digress.

Anyway, if Chicago would be able to make this deal happen it could be the one highlight of the offseason and would put them in much better position in 2013. Robinson is a scorer, and that’s what the Bulls need at this point. Head coach Tom Thibodeau will make his guys play defense. That’s not the problem.

The problem is allowing one of your best assets to walk away this summer — it absolutely cannot happen. General manager Gar Forman needs to put his big boy pants on and make this transaction happen or he will continued to be questioned by Bulls fans everywhere.

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  • xander

    This makes zero sense. The Bulls already have exactly what Nate brings to the table x10 with Rose.

    Yes, Kirk is injury prone, but this is a team that struggles MIGHTILY when Kirk isn’t directing the offense. The Bulls record with him vs. without him in the lineup speaks for itself (7-16 in games that Kirk Hinrich has missed, and 31-15 in games he played). You appear to be blinded by the success Nate had in a couple playoff games and forgot how poorly he runs the offense.

    Kirk hustles his ass off out there–a lot of his injuries have come from hustle plays (see elbow bursitis). You cannot compare playing with the flu through playing through actual injuries. Most every player in the NBA is going to play with the flu in an important playoff contest.

    Furthermore, Nate struggles defensively in a position where your first job is to stop the ball. Kirk is an all-around much better defender. Look, I love what Nate did for us too–I wish we could keep him–but it just doesn’t make sense in pretty much every aspect. You talk about durability, well if Rose goes down we are pretty much screwed anyway.