Michael Beasley's Drug Habit a Threat to Wash Him Out of the League

By Kyle Bostic
Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The list of failed talent from the second overall draft position has become immense. Names that I can just think of off the top of my head are Sam Bowie, Shaun Bradley, Stromile Swift, Darko Millicic and Michael Beasley. Of all the players on this list, Beasley seems to be the most tragic.

The Phoenix Suns‘ forward was caught again with marijuana. The gateway drug to not caring has been a testament to Beasley’s career so far.

If your remember back in the 2008 NBA Draft, there was a serious debate if Derrick Rose or Beasley should be the first overall pick. Flash five years later and Rose is a former-MVP winner and Beasley is still trying to find himself.

Beasley’s career arc seemingly is following the path of 1986’s third overall pick, Chris Washburn, who was a multi-talented wunderkind out of North Carolina State, only to have his talent robbed of him by drugs. Washburn, who was given multiple chances by franchises because of his talent, received a lifetime ban after failing three drug tests.

This is the reality that is currently staring Beasley in the face without batting an eye. He is on his third team in five years and Phoenix is ready to give up on him. This is his second-consecutive summer where he received drug charges during the offseason. He doesn’t seem to have any direction going forward and maybe an NBA ban would be the best thing to put purpose into his life.

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