Who is Most Important Offensive Player on Milwaukee Bucks in 2013-14?

By Michael Terrill
Who is Most Important Offensive Player on Milwaukee Bucks in 2013-14
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With so many new faces on the Milwaukee Bucks, some roles will have to be defined prior to the start of the regular season. I have already discussed in length that Larry Sanders is without a doubt the most important player on the team in order for the Bucks to be successful in the upcoming season. With that being said, who is the most important offensive player on the team in 2013-14?

Obviously, Sanders will have to pick his offensive game up. He will be required to post career highs in points if Milwaukee wants to reach the playoffs for a second consecutive season. However, he is still considered the team’s top defender. That means someone else will have to play the role of most important offensive player.

In my opinion, there is no question that shooting guard O.J. Mayo will have to carry the team in that category. The Bucks acquired him to lead the team in points, and they are paying him a lot of money to make a difference on offense. Other players will have to take turns contributing on a daily basis, but Mayo will have to consistently be one of the top scorers every night.

Mayo posted one of the best seasons of his career in 2012-13. He averaged 15.3 points, 4.4 assists, 3.5 rebounds and 1.1 steals per game. He also managed to shoot 44.9 percent from the field and a career-high 40.7 percent from beyond the arc in 82 starts.

It is imperative that he build off a solid offensive performance going forward. More importantly, he must continue to improve his shooting efficiency. Milwaukee already has seen what inefficient shooters do to an offense and they want no part of that this season. The fact that Mayo is the top player the team will lean on to score should also do wonders for his confidence, which will definitely help in the shooting process.

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