Keith Bogans Will Play A Bigger Role Than Expected On The Boston Celtics

By Sean McKenney
Keith Bogans
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Despite the fact that the trade between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets this offseason has been highlighted by the fact that Kris Humphries is now a Celtic, there were a few elements that flew under the radar. Things like the size of Gerald Wallace’s contract or how good Jason Terry could be for Brooklyn got swept under the rug.

Former Nets shooting guard Keith Bogans lies below the things that got swept under the rug that rests on the floor under the radar. Seeing as how this deal clogged up all of ESPN and every Celtics/Nets blog on the internet, it’s hard to find a part of it no one is talking about. Bogans lies as the exception to that rule.

There’s just something cool about watching a three-point specialist go to work. While many teams lie too heavily on the three-ball and others under use it, the Celtics could be one of the few squads that uses it just enough in order to not damper its effectiveness. All this is made possible from Bogans.

A veteran long range assassin that waits for his shot, Bogans could provide an excellent spark off the bench in order to help the Celtics combat some of their projected scoring woes. With Paul Pierce gone, Boston will need all the help they can get. Should he come off the bench for either Courtney Lee or Avery Bradley, or as the third man behind both of them, opponents will have to chase them away from the arc and exhaust themselves, applying non-stop perimeter defense.

Two seasons ago, making a move for Bogans wouldn’t have made any sense. The Celtics were an aged team in need of some spry youth. Now, the Celtics are a youthful group in need of some veteran presence. Bogans is only 33, so he has plenty of experience around the league, but isn’t so old that he’ll have to stay on the bench those nights he is feeling it. On top of that, his presence and three-point-purism could help Bradley to not feel as though he needs to take more corner treys than necessary.

Essentially, if Bogans doesn’t shoot the lights out, someone will, and that might not go so well.

I don’t expect Bogans to surpass Rajon Rondo in terms of importance to success, but the Celtics needed a long range shooter, and they got one. Bogans does not have an overly negative history with the Celtics and no obvious important flaws. I think he can be a solid off-the-bench contributor in Boston and will end up as pleasant surprise for a lot of people. The Celtics will work towards relevancy one piece at a time, and Bogans isn’t a bad one.

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