Los Angeles Lakers Rumor: Pau Gasol To Be Traded To New York Knicks?

By Ian Meredith
Jason O. Watson-USA TODAY Sports

As Los Angeles Lakers center Pau Gasol and head coach Mike D’Antoni begin to feud once again, the trade rumors circling the aging big man will intensify, and the Spaniard may even see himself on his way out of town. The Lakers would prefer to keep Gasol and have him adapt his game to D’Antoni’s system, but Gasol has spent more time be ineffective and refusing to adapt. Add in the temper tantrum’s he’s known to throw, and Gasol may have finally wore out his welcome in Tinsletown. Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant has long been Gasol’s biggest supporter, and Bryant will continue to support the ineffective big man both on and off the court. This dynamic duo is clearly not enough to put the Lakers in Championship contention, so once the offer is sweet enough, Gasol is sure to find his way out of town.

Where is Gasol’s most likely destination now? The New York Knicks.

The Knicks are absolutely atrocious this season and are in their own rebuilding phase centered around keeping superstar Carmelo Anthony once he hits the free agent market at the completion of this year. They have a valuable trade commodity of their own in center Tyson Chandler, who would bolster the defense of the Lakers’ front court, an area Gasol has been struggling. The Lakers would also seek more pieces in a trade for Chandler, but would be unwilling to tie themselves down in salary cap any longer than this year, as they get ready for the star studded 2014 free agency.

As the Lakers continue to deal with point guard injury woes, they have already reached out to the Knicks in interest of young guard Iman Shumpert and he could easily find himself as part of a deal. Draft picks could also be brought into consideration. For now though, we will continue to just wait and see.

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