Does Kentucky Still Have What It Takes to Win the SEC?

By Taylor Sturm
Joshua Lindsey-USA TODAY Sports

After losing four games already this season (double the losses for the entirety of last season), the talk has shifted from Kentucky to Florida to Missouri for the potential SEC champion. Phil Pressey and his explosive offensive skills make Missouri a fun team to watch, but do the Tigers really pose a threat to Kentucky’s dominance in the SEC?

Kentucky has played a much more difficult schedule than both Florida and Missouri. Although Florida and Missouri have lost to good teams, Kentucky has lost to good teams and held its own. Missouri was ripped apart by Louisville and Florida was destroyed by Kansas State in ways that Kentucky was not, and through ways that Kentucky can exploit.

Kentucky will only get better. Missouri and Florida are close to what their peak play will be this season, but most of Kentucky’s players are slowly getting used to playing with each other. Although Kentucky may drop one or two early in the SEC schedule, the Wildcats are the team that is set up the best for the long season.

So does Kentucky still have what it takes to win the SEC? Of course! The Wildcats should still be the favorites to win the SEC. John Calipari will only make these young Kentucky players better as the season goes along. Do not be surprised when March comes around and Kentucky is still in contention for the top of the SEC, while either Missouri or Florida is in fourth or fifth. The Wildcats are just waiting for people to start counting them out, because pressure just makes Calipari teams better.

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