Gonzaga Bulldogs Are Just Rollin’ Along

By brandonmoultrie

Days go by.  Games go by.  All they do is win.  Coach Mark Few and the Gonzaga Bulldogs are one of the best teams in the country, and they are enjoying a whale of a season.  Despite playing in the West Coast Conference, Gonzaga gets around frequently and plays some of the best teams in the country.  This season alone, they have played five Big 12 teams for a record of 5-0.

Coach Few has built his team through recruiting not only domestically, but internationally.  Coach Few has a great knack for finding players all across the world that meet his system’s needs.  He’s also great at another underrated phase of collegiate athletics programs, and that’s player development.  Few has had many “project” players, but they pan out at an unusually high rate. For example, look no further than center Kelly Olynyk. Originally enrolling at Gonzaga as a 6’10” player with a great stroke from the perimeter, Olynyk is now one of the best big men in the country and may have an NBA future.

As Gonzaga continues to steamroll the entire WCC, Coach Few may want to think about expanding his rotation and resting some of the more key players.  It will be critical for Gonzaga to be injury free and healthy once the month of March comes around.  There have been several years where pundits have thought very highly of Gonzaga as a basketball club, but this could be the year that it all comes together for the Bulldogs.

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