Jalen Rose Parties with Indiana Students After Michigan Loss

By marcvilas
Trey Burke Michigan Wolverines
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Saturday nights match-up between No. 3 Indiana and No. 1 Michigan lived up to the hype and provided great moments on the court.  Off the court it has apparently led to some bad decision making as former Wolverine Jalen Rose was allegedly seen partying hard with Hoosier students into the early morning after the game.  What would possess a 40-year old to party with college students, I do not know.  Maybe Rose lost a bet?

Rose, a member of the former Michigan Fab Five, is now an analyst with ESPN and is known to never hold back his opinion on anything or anyone.  Apparently he did not hold back during the party as he regaled the students with stories of former teammates issues, drug use and outlandish claims of his shooting ability.

The best quote to come out of his alleged story sharing was, “He seemed fairly confident that MJ was hungover in Game 5 of the ’97 Finals and didn’t actually have the flu”.   Wow Mr. Rose, should you be commenting on other people’s drinking habits?  Plus, no one messes with Jordan… just ask Isaiah Thomas.

The questions that come from this are, one, what was Rose thinking? He clearly had a Larry Eustachy moment (though there are no females in any of the picture that have come out yet) and needs to have a reality check, this is not 1991.  Two, how is ESPN going to respond?  They cannot possibly continue to employ someone with this kind intellect right?  Well they have fired people over dissing Obama, so maybe Rose will survive. The third question is the biggest…

How do Wolverine fans respond?  Drinking with the enemy after a loss, unforgivable!


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