Ryan Anderson: Boston College's Diamond In The Rough

By Horran Cameron
Peter Casey USA TODAY Sports

The lone star for the Boston College Eagles just happens to be Ryan Anderson. He is quietly putting together a stellar season. Anderson’s nice season is overshadowed by Boston College’s 2-7 conference record, which has them sitting in 11th place in the ACC, next to last place. He will definitely become an all-conference selection for the ACC this season. Currently, Anderson averages 16 points (fourth in ACC), 8.8 rebounds (fourth in the ACC), and has a 49% field goal percentage (eighth in the ACC), while playing 32.8 minutes a game (eighth in the ACC).

A few things that this sophomore stud could work on include his free throw shooting and his shot selection. Anderson is not ranked in the ACC’s top ten when it comes to free throws. He is averaging 6.2 free throw attempts a game, and completing 3.8 of his free throws. Moreover, Anderson’s 49% shooting percentage gives rise to better shot selection needed. Diversifying his game would behoove him a great deal. Extending his range would net great rewards for this young man. Anderson is the go-to guy for Boston College. When opponents scout them, they know that the ball is coming to Anderson, who should expect double teams, which means he should look for an open teammate regularly.

It also doesn’t help that Anderson does not have a lot of help. He is the most consistent player on the team and his teammates are mediocre at best. Although Anderson will be an all-conference selection this season, it is unfortunate that he will not gain nationwide recognition for his accolades. On the bright side, Boston College is a young team that can look forward to next season, since there is one senior (Andrew Van Nest) on the roster.


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