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Robert Morris Victory Should Not be Overshadowed by Kentucky’s Loss

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Let us get something straight, the Robert Morris Colonials upsetting the Kentucky Wildcats in the NIT is a big deal. However, it is not because Kentucky lost–as everyone and their respective mothers will be focusing on. It is actually a big deal because Robert Morris got the largest victory–in terms of upcoming national publicity–in the program’s history.

Knock John Calipari all you want, but the loss doesn’t change a single thing for Kentucky. A win was not going to put them in the running for a spot in the Final Four. Instead, the loss just makes them the 100th best team in the country rather than the 69th. Also, none of Calipari’s big time commits are going to decide not to join the program next year. At the end of the day, Kentucky’s loss in the first round of the NIT was just a loss, nothing more.

However, Robert Morris has plenty of things to be excited about. Thanks to Kentucky’s inability to book their arena in a proper way (Hindsight, I know), the Colonials and their fans will be able to talk about this moment for the rest of their lives. Getting to rush the court against one of college basketball’s biggest powers. That, albeit in the NIT, for a night in March, Robert Morris knocked off Kentucky in the postseason. That maybe, Robert Morris can use this win to continue to build their program.

The media frenzy over the next 24 hours is going to be bonkers, although, most of it will be about how Calipari failed his team (which he did not), or how a preseason number three ranked Wildcats did not live up to expectations (Our expectations. Not theirs. Ours being unrealistic and without knowledge), and how Kentucky is going to take a few steps back (Which only an insane or a person hungry for hits would write or believe).

But none of that should matter. How about not killing the team that loses,but  we celebrate the winners instead? Maybe we, the same people who complain about Skip Bayless, could give credit when it is due instead of assigning blame. This might be Robert Morris’ one moment in the sun — so can we please not waste it on things that are not real or do not matter.

Congrats, Robert Morris. You are kings of the world for at least one night!


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