2013 NCAA Tournament: LaSalle Explorers Looking to Slap History in the Face

By Joseph Nardone
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being Cinderella this year, the LaSalle Explorers actually have a pretty long and historic track record in the NCAA Tournament. While many other mid-majors can only claim making the big dance as their biggest accomplishment — LaSalle can do so much more.

Believe it or not, but LaSalle has a National Title (1954) under their belts. The following year they made it to the title game again, but they ended up being the runner-up. That is pretty much where the biggest success in LaSalle history ends. They have done plenty of other things, but on a much smaller scale compared to being in the title game twice.

History would make you believe that time has passed over the Explorers, that a program of their size can no longer compete with the big boys — that despite making the NCAA Tournament 13 times throughout the years, LaSalle is a school who fits the prototypical underdog story.

That might be all well and true, but acting like their previous successes never happened is a sure-fire way to earn a spot in the “Big 5” classroom.

Quick Big 5 mini-history lesson: small schools thrived, then all went in separate directions. Some of which ended up being national powers while others clung to the relevancy of just being a member of five schools in the Philadelphia area. They all still play each other and is the heart of Philly hoops. Yes, that Big 5.

If my elementary teacher taught me anything other than not to yell random noises, it was that history repeats itself. It is like a clock on the wall in your living room. No matter how many days pass — the hands on the clock are going to repeatedly hit the same numbers over and over.

I am not sure if LaSalle can make history repeat itself and go on a wild run to the Final Four. No one can be sure of such a thing, although I fully expect the Explorers to try to smack history in the face. Hoping the love-tap will awaken history from its nearly 60 years of slumber.


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