Missouri Tigers Hoping Coach Frank Haith Gets Exonerated

By Joseph Nardone
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Remember the NCAA, Miami Hurricanes and Frank Haith debacle? I sure do. The mess of the entire situation is still lingering around the world of college athletics. Now, the majority of sane people would like it to just end in a quick and fashionable way. As in, have the NCAA give up in their endless pursuit of misguided justice.

The Missouri Tigers would like this to happen more so than most. I don’t blame them for wanting their head coach to be exonerated from a scandal in which they had nothing to do with. Not to mention the fact that the NCAA kept pursuing the case despite using more illegal and backhanded tactics than the Mob.

It now seems like there is a real possibility that will happen. NCAA documents have gone public (10 days ago), which shows that the NCAA may have tricked two former Haith assistants into implicating the man in some less than flattering ways.

Whether Haith did anything wrong at the time is no longer relevant — as you can’t prosecute a man for things that the NCAA may have made up. It is too hard to tell what is fact from what is fiction at this point.

Sure, the NCAA will likely keep going on their quest to assign accountability while avoiding any of their own. However, the Miami situation has done nothing but shine the governing body of college sports in a horrible light.

It is time for them to cut their losses and move on.


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