Landing Cliff Alexander Would Be A Game Changer For DePaul Blue Demons

By Trevor Lowry
DePaul Blue Demons
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The DePaul Blue Demons are nowhere near being the best team in college basketball, but landing top prospect Cliff Alexander would be a game changer.

Alexander is the No. 3 ranked recruit for the class of 2014, according to ESPN. So you can definitely say that Alexander has a lot of potential.

DePaul finished last season with an overall record of 11-21. The Blue Demons also finished last in the Big East with a 2-16 record. With that said, DePaul needs a serious makeover.

The team should be a little bit better in the upcoming season, but finishing last in conference play is probably in store for it once again. It does help that the team will be returning two players that averaged 16+ points per game last season, though. Even with those two players, the Blue Demons managed to be the worst team in the Big East.

Who knows if Alexander will pick DePaul, but there is still a chance that he will. I am sure going to a powerhouse is much more appealing, but players as talented as Alexander don’t always go to a team like Kansas or Kentucky.

If Alexander does choose to go to the Blue Demons, he will likely attract other recruits to join the program. Plus, I am sure they would be much better with him on the team.

Alexander joining would give the team some much needed hype and it could lead to bigger things in the future, such as other top prospects joining the team. I am sure every Blue Demons fan is hoping that Alexander will join the program regardless.

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