Indiana Hoosiers: Guard Play Absolutely Horrendous in Loss to Northwestern

By Eric Smith
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Someone forgot to alert the Indiana Hoosiers (12-6, 2-3) they had a game today. I don’t think they realized it yet, but they played this afternoon. Someone may want to check all their players into the hospital when they wake up out of their fog when they realize not only did they get out of bed, but they went through the motions this afternoon as they lost 54-47 to a very bad Northwestern Wildcats (9-10, 2-4) team.

They’re going to be some scared individuals when they realize what just happened.

This team looked historically bad today.

They looked like the stars in Space Jam when the aliens used a magic basketball to take the talent out of a few NBA superstars and transfer it to themselves.

Did someone locate that basketball yet in Bloomington? It will be worth a lot of money.

Indiana couldn’t find the basket today as they shot historically poor. For the game, Indiana only made 15 shots. They were 15-for-60 (25 percent) for the game, and most of that could be pinned on the guards.

Yes, the same guards that helped Indiana score 52 points in the paint and do no wrong Tuesday night were the single reason they lost just four days later.

They got wide open, clean looks all afternoon. This wasn’t on Northwestern’s defense. IU had open look after open look. It was so open Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder would have had a field day against this Wildcats defense.

Instead, KevinYogiFerrell, Evan Gordon, Stanford Robinson and Will Sheehey hurt this team. They combined to shoot 7-for-37 from the field today and 2-for-13 from behind the arc.

Like I said above, most if not all of those shots were uncontested. They got so many open looks that I was thinking about enrolling in Indiana and walking on that team. I, who hasn’t touched a basketball in over a year, could make those shots.

This team now is likely NIT-bound as a result.

Indiana fans can thank the lack of effort by Indiana’s guards for that. They didn’t put in the work after the Wisconsin game and it showed today.

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