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Top Linebacker Recruit Reuben Foster Ditches Auburn, Heads to Alabama

Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

The latest turn in the recruitment for Reuben Foster (Auburn, Al., Auburn), the nations top inside linebacker recruit sounds like an episode of something you would see on a bad reality TV show.

Foster was supposed to be taking his last official visit this weekend at Auburn, but was confirmed to be at Alabama by a number of outlets.



One rumor circulating around the internet late Saturday night which is completely unfounded at the moment, and originated from an Alabama message board, so I can’t stress the word rumor enough and consider place where it’s coming from, but the rumor is that the starting center for Auburn, Reese Dismukes, got into an altercation with Foster and a racial slur was uttered which prompted him to leave Auburn and head to Alabama.

Whether this is true or not, the bigger story is that Alabama is now the prohibitive favorite to land the nation’s top inside linebacker and his commitment would all but secure the nation’s top recruiting class.

Foster was set to announce his decision at 10pm Monday night, but the latest development may delay his decision until National Signing Day on Feb. 6. All the drama surrounding Foster is enough for many programs to not be interested in him, but when you’re as talented as he is, schools will roll the dice. Nick Saban may be the perfect coach to straighten this kid out.

If this doesn’t add to the rivalry between the two in-state blood rivals, then I don’t know what would. This is one of the craziest stories I have ever heard during my 13 years involved with college football recruiting.

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