Can Kansas State Wildcats Remain A Leader In Big 12 Football?

By Daniel Ellington
Mark J. Rebilas-US Presswire

After dominating the Big 12 last season and suffering a heartbreaking loss to the Oregon Ducks in the Fiesta Bowl the Kansas State Wildcats are certainly ready for another adrenaline laced season. I love K-State. Their logo resembles the Transformers and their uniforms are super cool, and that’s saying a lot for purple, but can they stay atop the standings in the Big 12 this season.

K-State didn’t sign any top 300 players on signing day and to me that’s kind of surprising since their conference rivals have been snagging talent left and right. The two biggest threats to a Wildcats winning season are the Oklahoma Sooners and the Texas Longhorns, and both inked some top rated players a day ago.

First look at the Texas. They signed No. 17 overall Darius James, No. 76 Kent Perkins, No. 113 Jake Raulerson, No. 119 Jacorey Warrick, No. 148 Antwuan Davis, No. 151 Deoundrei Davis, No. 214 Jake Oliver and No. 253 Chevoski Collins. With eight new star players joining the Longhorns K-State may want to get ready for a slugfest when traveling to Texas this fall.

On the other hand there’s Oklahoma. They managed to sign seven sought after players including No. 37 overall Keith Ford, No. 137 D.J. Ward, No. 178 Cody Thomas, No. 199 overall Stanvon Taylor, No. 240 Dannon Cavil, No. 284 Matt Dimon and No. 293 Hatari Byrd. The Sooners finished last season at 10-3 right on the heels of the Wildcats and these new additions might swing the tide in their favor.

Overall, National Signing Day get lots of attention and coaches across the country sleep much easier when it’s all said and done,  but truthfully these numbers don’t mean anything. It happens all the time. Top ranked players fizzle out like open soda pops and unknown walk-ons end up winning national titles.

I’m always excited to see which players actually stand out and which ones fade into football past like Al Bundy. Kansas State may have some tricks up their sleeve by signing a cast of unknown recruits and who knows they just might reign supreme when the dust finally settles in December.

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