Max Bullough Must be Leader for Michigan State Spartans

By Scott Peceny
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Leadership is a rare quality.  A leader can motivate his teammates, inspire his fans and demoralize his enemies.  A true leader believes the impossible, challenges the norm and fights for change.

The Michigan State Spartans are seeking that leader for the 2013 season.  They seek not just a playmaker, but a playmaker who turns the men around him into playmakers as well.

Max Bullough is that leader the Spartans seek.

The middle linebacker from Traverse City, MI has been starting in the center of the Michigan State defense for two seasons now, and has racked up 223 tackles in his career.

With William Gholston, Johnny Adams, Chris Norman and Anthony Rashad-White gone, it is now time for Bullough to step into the spotlight.  It is in that spotlight that his legacy as a Spartan will be decided.

No, Bullough is not the most athletically gifted linebacker in the country, nor the Big 10, or even his own team.  But where Bullough lacks athletically, he makes up for with vision and intelligence.  He won’t run a 4.5 second 40-yard dash.  But he will diagnose play action and make a play on the ball thrown over the middle to the tight end.

Bullough will once again be alongside fellow linebacker Denicos Allen, who, like Bullough, returns to East Lansing for his senior season.  The two were a dynamic duo in 2012, tallying 190 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 22.5 tackles for loss and 2 interceptions.

They will once again have each other to rely on in 2013, but it is Bullough that I see becoming the emotional leader of this team.

Bullough’s teammates know what he can do on the field, and now it’s time for the senior to elevate his game even further.  Every team that has been beaten and then risen to overcome adversity has done it with the help of a leader.  A man who refuses to back down to a challenge, whose intensity is unmatched, who carries his team across the finish line when there is simply no other way.

For the Michigan State Spartans, that man is Max Bullough.

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