Notre Dame Fighting Irish's Worst Decision Ever

By Corey Elliot
Matt Cashore-USA Today Sports Images

In the case of the Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry, the supreme court of college football has ruled that while the adaptation of a new ACC-oriented schedule requires the Irish to make some changes, it does not validate canceling on one of college football’s oldest rivalries. Therefore, they are sentenced to criticism by other coaches and college football fans for the duration of the time they choose to not play the Wolverines.

If only it were like that.

As a true and through Texas Longhorns fan, let me play the role of been-there-done-that-it-sucks. There is no good that can come from doing away with a historic college football rivalry. I swear this is becoming an epidemic. How many great college football games and traditions do we have to sacrifice on behalf of evolving to fit into the money driven world that college football has become?

Pardon me, the money driven circus would be the correct vernacular.

1887. Let that sink in for just a moment. The first time these two teams squared off was in 1887, when the United States was still a young nation barely 20 years removed from almost self-destructing itself in the civil war. And now, 126 years later, Notre Dame has decided they are better off without Michigan on their schedule.H owever, as it stands, Purdue is a necessity apparently.

Every single year Irish fans bark the loudest about strength of schedule. All of last season all I heard was how tough their schedule was so naturally, keeping the Boilermakers makes sense.

Go ahead, Notre Dame. Go right ahead and do what you have to do. Take it from me and the thousands, if not millions of other disgruntled Longhorns and Texas A&M fans; when that first season rolls around without that game on the schedule it’s the equivalent of seeing your ex-girlfriend doing a lot better than you are.

Regret will set in.

But, don’t take it from me. You guys have it all figured out. I’m sure there are “reasons” for this, right? They certainly aren’t excuses. I’m just the “wannabe” writer-who-is-actually-a-blogger to most of you Irish fans, that will comment with your paragraph long explanation as to why you “really want to play Michigan”, but it’s somehow their fault or not “beneficial” to your Irish.

You know what’s beneficial? Filling a stadium with 100,000-plus fans that want to watch one of college football’s best early-season rivalries.

So, please. Spare me with your college football blasphemy.

On behalf of the millions of college football fans out there, thank you, Notre Dame. Thank you for–once again–making yourselves bigger than college football.

It’s your world, we just live in it…apparently.

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