Georgia Bulldogs' John Theus Not Listed as a Starter on Post-Spring Depth Chart

By Ranting Dawg
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Former five star offensive tackle John Theus has been listed as the second string right tackle behind Xzavier Ward on Georgia‘s post spring depth chart. This may come as a surprise to many because Theus started 14 games for the Bulldogs in 2012. Some think that it could be because he has been injured recently or because the coaches want him to work harder for his spot, but the truth could be that Xzavier Ward, who himself was a four star prospect, could actually have passed Theus on the depth chart.

John Theus has been a solid starter for the Bulldogs after starting all 14 games in 2012, and many thought he might move over to Aaron Murray‘s blindside for the 2013 season. So when you see him listed behind Ward on the depth chart it really makes you wonder if Theus is living up to the hype and his potential. Physically, Theus has prototypical size for an offensive tackle in the SEC and was named to multiple Freshman All-American teams.

Xzavier Ward has been kind of lost in the recruiting and depth shuffle after being injured in high school and requiring surgery and rehab to get back into playing condition, but after two years mostly on the bench, Ward is healthy and making a strong push for playing time.

Many think that the UGA coaching staff may be trying to motivate Theus to work harder by putting him behind Ward on the depth chart, but the coaches have other things to worry about aside from Theus’ work ethic. More likely is that the injury of Theus that required rehab combined with Ward being as ready to play as he is gives Ward the advantage currently. Either way, when the season starts both players should be healthy and ready to push each other for playing time.

Another option could be that Ward is good enough to break the lineup and Theus comes back to play the left side. Then the Bulldogs could move Kenarious Gates inside to guard where he may be a better fit.


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