Johnny Manziel's College Football Career in Jeopardy After Autographs for Profit Allegations

By Andrew Fisher

Remember when people were wondering how Johnny Manziel could afford courtside seats to an NBA game? Well it looks like there might be reason why he had the funds to do such a thing. Outside the Lines is reporting that the NCAA is investigating whether or not Manziel took a five-figure payment in exchange for autographs during last year’s BCS title game.

Reports are stating that Manziel allegedly took payment from autograph broker Drew Tieman, which of course would be in direct violation of NCAA rules. The punishment for such a violation could mean that he’d be ineligible for the entire 2013 season. It’s also pretty clear that Manziel is planning to move on to the NFL next year, so if these allegations turn out to be true, his college days will likely be over.

At this point it’s merely an investigation, but multiple people have linked Manziel to Tieman, according to the report. But what this case will all boil down to, is whether or not there’s a paper trail. The NCAA will need hard evidence that Manziel took payment for these autographs to even think about ruling him ineligible.

So just when you thought that Johnny Football’s offseason couldn’t get any more out of hand, here’s yet another bump in the road. Partying is one thing, but committing a major NCAA violation is another. I’ll defend a college kid who likes to have a good time, any day of the week. But if Manziel was really dumb enough to involve himself with Tieman, then he deserves what he has coming to him.

Much more to come as details emerge from


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