Jadeveon Clowney Signed Items Up For Sale By Same Autograph Dealer Linked to Johnny Manziel

By Andrew Fisher

It appears as if the Johnny Manziel autograph scandal may have opened up a can of worms. Sometimes all it takes is one guy getting called into question to open people’s eyes. Now, suspicion is rising that Jadeveon Clowney may have also taken cash for autographs, as his signature is appearing on items for sale by one of the same dealers connected to Manziel.

On Ebay, top-rated seller the_hub_collectibles has 19 Manziel and 19 Clowney items for sale. Clowney personalized most of his items with ‘Go Cocks’ or ‘The Hit.’ All of the items have certificates of authenticity.

This could just be a big coincidence or it could mean what most people are going to think it means – both of these collegiate athletes were selling their autographs for cash. It just looks bad at this point. Manziel’s supposed comments on video while he was signing items seem to be incriminating, however there is still no smoking gun in the investigation. However, the more college athletes that get linked to these brokers, the easier it will become to bring the whole thing down.

It doesn’t seem like these 19 Clowney autographs are the only ones, either. PSA (the authentication company) reportedly has records of 258 Clowney autographs in its database. (Which is certainly something Gamecock fans don’t want to hear.)

This all looks pretty bad at the moment, but there’s still no physical proof of wrong doing. It will be interesting to see if someone comes forward to rat out Clowney.


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