Caller urges Rush Limbaugh to abandon the Pittsburgh Steelers

By ericschmidt

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This afternoon while out running errands, I happened to catch a caller who had an exchange with talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. The caller progressed into a discussion of the impending labor situation between the NFL Players Association and the owners. You can read the transcript of the call right here from the Rush Limbaugh website.

As the call progressed, the caller, Tony in Tampa tried to get Rush to abandon his longtime favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. The caller said Rush should abandon the Steelers because the coaching staff of the Steelers had presented a game ball from a playoff game between the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens to President Obama.

Rush responded that he was not going to surrender his love of the Steelers, a team which he has followed since the 1970’s just because of politics. And rightfully so, passion for sports and rooting for teams should transcend politics. I have listened to Rush Limbaugh on and off for 20 years, and the one thing I like about his show, is his passion for sports, particularly NFL football.

Rush has captured the passion that fans have for their teams, a reckless abandon that fans can invest everything in, it’s an all or nothing investment. As usual, Rush didn’t waver from his support of his favorite team despite being bantered by one of his callers. Over the past two decades, I’ve heard Rush talk about his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers dozens of times, you can click on the link above and read this afternoon’s transcript.

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