Justin Tuck Calls Anonymous New York Jets Players Cowards

By Jeff Shull

This morning in the NY Daily News, an article was run where a number of New York Jets players complained about Mark Sanchez and placed their vote for trading him away in favor of Peyton Manning.

But they did so anonymously.

As you see in the link above, one player called him lazy, and another said it is a no-brainer that you bring in Peyton in lieu of Sanchez.

Nick Mangold of the Jets has come out and said that the story is simply not true, but at the same time called his teammates cowards for not manning up to those comments.

Justin Tuck, defensive captain of the New York Giants, agrees.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/JustinTuckNYG91/status/157229468631572482″]

The culprit behind all of this has to be Rex Ryan, who has perpetuated this with his constant comments to the media. He has never shied away from the microphone, so how can he expect his players to?

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