Vikings P Chris Kluwe Dislikes Bountygate, Likes World of Warcraft

By Andrew Fisher

Punters aren’t normally in off-season headlines, in fact, they’re not even in headlines during the regular season. Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe is apparently not your normal punter. He took to Twitter recently with a rant of slightly epic proportions. The subject? Bountygate.

Now everyone has their opinion on Bountygate. Some are outraged that players and coaches could stoop that low, others see it as normal, and some like myself, really don’t care. It’s the NFL, are you really shocked that this happens? Defenders trying to take star players out of the game for extra cash? Say it ain’t so! Is there nothing decent left in this world!?

All kidding aside, check out what Chris Kluwe thinks about all of this, who apparently is big into World of Warcraft (@ChrisWarcraft):

“Commish sent the right message. It’s one thing to break the rules. It’s a completely different one to consistently lie about it for 3 years.”

“It’s rant time! Hold on tight boys and girls, it’s about to get dangerous in here.”

“To everyone who thinks the source was a “snitch” and a bad person – f**k you. F**k you and your glorification of criminality.”

“F**k you and your degradation of ethics and morality. F**k you and your short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrisy. F**k you and your idiocy.”

“Try doing the right thing for once and standing up for what’s important in life – the proper treatment of your fellow man.” #f**king a**holes

“Now I’m going to go listen to Aenema by Tool and run off some excess energy.” #effallyouguntotinghipgangstawannabees

For those of you wondering, Merriam-Webster defines Criminality as: the quality or state of being criminal.

It appears that some of Kluwe’s  followers must have disagreed with his opinion that Roger Goodell did the right thing with his harsh punishment of the New Orleans Saints.

I again, could really care less. I found Kluwe’s tweets entertaining, and it’s refreshing to get a very open and honest reaction to such a big story, regardless if you agree with him or not.

Check out Kluwe’s tweeter feed, it’s full of other humorous comments and tons of World of Warcraft jargon that you won’t understand. He even had his followers help determine new nicknames for Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez once Tebow was traded, “The Dirty Tebow” and “The Clean Sanchez.”

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