Kansas City Chiefs A 1-Point Favorite Over St. Louis Rams On Saturday

By DanFlaherty

The Kansas City Chiefs are a one-point favorite coming into Saturday night’s NFL  preseason game against the St. Louis Rams. The Over/Under for the game (combined points scored for both teams) has been set at 36.5.

The Over/Under falls squarely within the realm of where most totals numbers do for preseason games, which is in the 33-37 range. Linesmakers, notoriously conservative under any circumstances, become even more so during preseason games when even basic questions like who will play and how badly someone wants to win are left to reasonable speculation. So it’s difficult to discern what the smart money is thinking as far as the pace this game will be played at.

It’s a little easier to figure what the folks in Vegas think about the Chiefs-Rams decision itself. When you consider the home team gets a natural three-point cushion, and even moving a line by a single point takes a substantial amount of money, the fact Kansas City would go up on the board as a road favorite, even a slight one, is an indicator of how much favorable Chiefs’ action there is at the betting window.

If linesmakers are notoriously conservative, bettors are notoriously short-sighted and a lot of this can be attributed to the exact opposite direction the Chiefs and Rams each went last weekend. Kansas City struck early with its first string and rolled to a 27-17 win over the Arizona Cardinals. St. Louis gave up a touchdown to Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck on his first professional pass and were hammered 38-3.

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