GM Tom Telesco Changing the Culture for San Diego Chargers in Free Agency

By Anthony Blake
Tom Telesco - San Diego Chargers
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Changing the culture of an organization is a difficult thing to achieve. Sometimes when things start to trend in one direction or another, the snowball just keeps rolling downhill until you have a full-fledged avalanche on your hands. That has been the case with the San Diego Chargers over the past three years as a downward trend in the success of the team led to the eventual firing of both Norv Turner and A.J. Smith as head coach and general manager respectively. Fortunately it seems like the new regime that has been put in place is already well on its way to getting this team back to respectability.

The Bolts haven’t been splashing around too much in the free agency pool, but one signing that has fans energized is the addition of running back Danny Woodhead. He may not be a big signing literally at just 5’8” 200lbs., but he could be a huge addition in terms of impact. Woodhead was asked what helped him come to his decision in signing with the Chargers and he told The Mighty 1090 in San Diego:

“The coaching staff and just talking to them. They made me excited to be a part of what’s going on. I’m excited to play with a bunch of great players. I’m very excited. I’m excited about what we have going on and where the organization is going. It’s a real exciting time for me and my family to come out there.”

Comments like that would not have been made by a player signing on under the previous regime with the Bolts. Now that GM Tom Telesco and HC Mike McCoy are in charge, the team is at least selling the players on building a winning culture and creating a positive team environment. The stagnation that was present for the better part of the last half-decade has officially been washed away by this new staff.

While the on-field results will be where the real change needs to take place if the Chargers want to regain their standing as an elite team in the AFC, this is at least a good step in that direction. Comments from a player just coming on board that are that optimistic (especially considering he came from a winning environment with the New England Patriots) certainly suggest that the Bolts are doing something right. Look for this culture overhaul to continue through the NFL Draft and that is where GM Telesco will truly put his stamp on this Chargers franchise.

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