Kansas City Chiefs: Is Andy Reid playing mind games?

By Damon Salvadore
Andy Reid
Brad Penner-US Presswire

New Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid won’t let anybody outside of the team know anything about the NFL draft come April.

And why should he? Usually the No. 1 overall pick is a lock even months before the draft. Players like Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Cam Newton, John Elway and so many more were all obviously going to be drafted first overall.

But this year’s draft is different, and Reid knows it. There is still more than a month remaining until the draft, so Reid is keeping his options open. It is unlikely the Chiefs will draft the best quarterback prospect Geno Smith and it is unlikely the Chiefs will trade the No. 1 overall pick as well.

Reid said recently about the possibility of trading the No. 1 pick, “we’ll keep our options open” and later said that multiple teams have contacted him about acquiring the pick. Again, the odds of trading the top pick is unlikely so the bigger question is, who will the Chiefs select on draft day?

As far as what player Reid is favoring this draft, he remains blunt. In 1999, Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles had the No. 2 overall pick and shocked everybody. Reid chose to go with Donovan McNabb instead of Heisman trophy-winner Ricky Williams.

Reid kept his options open and his decisions silent until the final day, and it paid off big time. Williams career is remembered most with off-the-field controversies, and McNabb became a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

Keeping the decision silent is also wise because the Chiefs’ long time divisional rival — the Oakland Raiders — pick No. 3 overall.

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