Rolando McClain Reportedly Agrees to Deal With Baltimore Ravens

By Wola Odeniran

Former Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain has reportedly agreed to a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens for $700,000 with incentives, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport. McClain was a former eighth overall pick by the Raiders in the 2009 NFL Draft and has recorded 244 career tackles. McClain still has to pass his physical and if he is able to accomplish that, he will team up with another former Raider Michael Huff who was signed earlier in the offseason by the Ravens.

With this move, it makes the Ravens’ job a little clearer heading into the draft with other needs on the roster. McClain is looking to play a role in a position that was held by Ray Lewis for 17 years. With 700K being on the books for the Ravens this coming season, it turns out to be a low risk, high reward deal. If McClain can’t get his act together on this roster, it might be his last NFL team.

You also have to think of what is the mind set for the Ravens at the inside linebacker position to make a move like this early. What does that say about the talent in the draft? Not much. If anything, this provides quality depth at the worst with the way the contract is set up, due to his low demand on the free agent market by other teams.

Even though this is risky move for someone with character issues, it’s a solid plan from the perspective of the Ravens not being able to draft for every position they need.

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