Tim Tebow Distraction 101

By alfredepps
The Star Ledger- US Today Sports

A quarterback for the New York Jets who threw just eight passes in 2012, completed only six of those for 39 yards, and also added 102 yards on 32 carries last season, will be participating in voluntary workouts beginning on Apr. 15. He has also started to workout privately with Jet great Vinny Testaverde.

Can we take a guess on who this player is?

Answer: Tim Tebow.

My main question is why is Testaverde working out with Tebow when Mark Sanchez, the real Jets quarterback, is working out with Jeff Garcia? Am I the only one seeing something wrong here?

Way to start off the season with another quarterback controversy, Jets. The only positive we can take from this is that both of these quarterbacks will be trying to claim the number one slot as the quarterback of the Jets. The next piece of news we will hear is Greg McElroy is working out with Joe Namath.

According to thefreedictionary.com, distraction is defined as “something that serves as a diversion or entertainment”. You Tebow, I have not decided which one you are as of yet. You are definitely a diversion to keep the Jets away from getting to the Super Bowl, and you are quite entertaining on your journey to become a starting quarterback in league. Maybe you are both!

Word of advice Tebow, don’t be a distraction too much this season if you want to stay a Jet.


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