Minnesota Vikings Take Best Player on the Board With Sharrif Floyd at No. 23 in 2013 NFL Draft

By Andrew Fisher

The Minnesota Vikings made a surprising, yet solid choice when they selected Sharrif Floyd with the 23rd overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. Floyd was considered by some, to be the best overall defensive tackle in this year’s class. He was slotted at No. 3 in many mock drafts, but that all changed when the Oakland Raiders traded down. The New York Jets shocked many people by taking Sheldon Richardson at No. 13, and then Floyd fell all the way to the Vikings at 23.

Minnesota doesn’t really need another defensive tackle, but they could use one. The reality is that Kevin Williams is likely going into his last season, so Floyd could be starting in the near future. In addition to being able to play on the inside, some speculate he could even rotate down to play on the outside at defensive end. I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see that, especially given the way Alan Williams rotates his defenders.

The future of the d-line is bright in Minnesota, with Everson Griffen also figuring to play a bigger role going forward.

The 25th selection has just come across the board for the Vikings, and they’ve gone with CB Xavier Rhodes. Rick Spielman has gone defensive with both of the team’s picks in the first round, and while that might be disappointing to some, it will be a good thing in the long haul. There are still plenty of picks for the Vikings to get a receiver, so fans should hold off on any criticism.

Floyd is an absolute steal at No. 23.

For more information on Sharrif Floyd check out his 2013 NFL Draft Profile here!


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