Minnesota Vikings Trade Up, Select WR Cordarrelle Patterson in 2013 NFL Draft

By Andrew Fisher

Just when you thought the Minnesota Vikings were done on the first night of the NFL Draft, Rick Spielman pulled a fast one, and traded back up into the first round. It was a big decision, and most speculated it was between linebacker Manti Te’o and wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson. I was of the belief that the Vikings had to get a receiver in round one, and they came through in a big way.

I thought they needed to take Patterson when they first selected at No. 23, but Spielman held off, and worked his magic. The price tag was large, as it cost Minnesota four picks (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th) to the New England Patriots, but it was worth it. Coming out of round one without a receiver would have been a big fail for Spielman and the Vikings. I sat on my couch dreading the moment when Roger Goodell was going to say ‘Manti Te’o,’ but thankfully it never happened.

This big move by Minnesota to get three first round picks, no doubt puts the next two days in question. Will they now use some of their later round picks, and trade back up into the second or third round? It’s very possible, because an inside linebacker, is also high on the priority list.

For now, Vikings’ fans should just rejoice they have a young talented receiver to root for. Most analysts consider Patterson to be a work in progress, but he’ll have a great teacher with Greg Jennings in Minnesota.

For more information on Cordarrelle Patterson check out his 2013 NFL Draft Profile here!


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