2013 NFL Draft: Miami Dolphins Fill Needs In Final Rounds

By Jeff Everette
Dion Jordan-Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports


The 2013 NFL Draft has come to an end, and for the Miami Dolphins, the draft can be see as a success. They struck like lightning in the first round, surprising everyone when thy jumped up to the third spot to take Dion Jordan, then followed the move by a respectable second day. To wrap up the draft process, the Dolphins went back to the well to fill needs across their roster. The names may not have been high profile, or well known, but they fit what the team was looking for.

In the fourth round, they addressed depth at outside linebacker, added a blocking tight end, an intriguing running back, a kicker and a safety. Every selection placed a prospect in an area where the Dolphins were in need of help, but as far as the Dolphins are concerned, they picks were not made out of desperation.

None of the Dolphins’ picks were as sexy as the surprise selection of Jordan, but each was a guy they liked. No draft will ever completely satisfy the desires of a hungry fan base, and this may be especially true after making such a flashy pick to start everything off. There have been plenty questions concerning some of the later round selections, but when you look at the positions that were added to, it is clear the Dolphins had a plan, and matched need with the talent on their board.

RD 1, PK 3:  Dion Jordan  DE  6’6, 248

RD 2, PK 22 (54):  Jamar Taylor  CB  5’11, 192

RD 3, PK 15 (77):  Dallas Thomas  OT  6’5, 300

RD 3, PK 31 (93):  Will Davis  CB  5’11, 186

RD 4, PK  7 (104):  Jelani Jenkins  OLB 6’0, 243

RD 4, PK 9  (106):  Dion Sims  TE  6’5, 262

RD 5, PK 31 (164):  Mike Gillislee  RB 5’11, 208

RD 5, PK 33 (166):  Caleb Strugis  K  5’10, 188

RD 7, PK 44 (250):  Don Jones  SS  5’11, 191

There were a couple of players that could have possibly been selected at a later point, but the Dolphins have the luxury of private workouts and game film, while most everyone else has a replay of the broadcast. They are in a better position to gauge a person’s ability and how that will translate into the NFL. Not every pick is right, but not every player that does not shine in his rookie season is a bust either.

All in all, the Dolphins have had an impressive offseason, and there are still undrafted free agents and the rest of the free agent market to pick through. Miami has done well increasing the talent on the field, and the upgrade should translate into more wins, and that is all anyone really wants.

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