The Titus Young Problem

By Adam Braunstein
titus young
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

I guess Titus Young just couldn’t accept getting arrested twice in one day; he had to make it three times in less than two weeks. The free agent receiver’s latest heroics involved him breaking into someone’s house and then running from the cops until they caught him at which point he began fighting with them. Now his father is telling the press that his son has a “mental illness”. Well if that’s the case, tell me pops, why haven’t you gotten him help sooner? Why has it taken him getting arrested three times in two weeks to have this valuable piece of information come to light?

There was no talk of this “illness” until he committed three crimes and now we’re just supposed to go “Oh okay, he’s just sick, awww”? Now we hear all over the league of receivers and players voicing their support for Young as if he’s some kind of hero. Brandon Marshall is saying how he wished he could have gotten to him sooner. Really? Marshall was the only one to see something was wrong there? I think it’s a bit of a problem if Brandon Marshall is the mental health authority in NFL. If Young is sick, fine, then commit him to a mental health facility, but there is no way that this guy should keep getting chances and committing a worse offense with each one of them.

His last arrest could have gotten him killed as the homeowner he invaded told KTLA– TV “I feel sorry for him, and I’m sure glad that he left and I didn’t have to find out what’s going to happen if he came in, because I’m afraid I would have shot him”. What about the next time though? Is the legal system just going to continue to turn a blind eye to him just because of his money and status as an NFL player? It speaks to a bigger problem overall as these players aren’t held to the standard that the rest of the country is. I guarantee you that after breaking and entering and fighting with the cops, most people in this country wouldn’t get the chance to do it again. Unfortunately, Titus Young is likely going to get that chance.

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