Anquan Boldin Trade Proving to Be Huge for San Francisco 49ers

By Andrew Fisher
USA Today Sports

Injuries happen in the NFL. It’s rare that a player’s season ends in May, but that might be the case with San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree. There are already reports that he could make it back before the end of the season, but who knows how he’ll perform. Terrell Suggs came back from the same thing last year, but he’s a linebacker, not a speedy wide receiver. If I’m the 49ers, I’m not counting on anything from Crabtree.

Lucky for San Francisco, they executed a clutch trade earlier in the offseason which landed them proven tough guy Anquan Boldin. Often not getting enough credit, Boldin has played a key role on two Super Bowl teams in his career. Most notably of course, last year, when he helped put the Baltimore Ravens over the top against the Niners.

People weren’t really making too big of a deal about San Francisco’s acquisition of Boldin when it happened, but now it’s just huge. While the Crabtree injury really hurts, there’s still plenty of talent to go around in the Bay Area.

Maybe now, fans will stop taking Boldin for granted. He doesn’t get as much respect as he should, and I think he’ll prove yet again that he’s as clutch as any receiver in the league. Colin Kaepernick is going to benefit greatly from his relationship with the Super Bowl champion. Think about it, Boldin has played a lot of downs with two good quarterbacks, and he no doubt has a lot of knowledge to bring to the table.

Boldin is aging, but his value to the 49ers is growing more and more evident.


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