Top 5 Worst NFL Teams Heading Into The 2013 Season

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Top 5 Worst NFL Teams Heading Into The 2013 Season


For some reason, when an NFL team is bad, they are far more noticeable than the bad teams in other sports. Maybe it’s because of the fact that in football, if you act like you don’t care on the field, you will likely be a very injured man by the end of the game. Maybe it’s the fact that when a coach loses a team, that team shows the effort that one would show trying to stop Adrian Peterson running full speed at you in a suit of armor.

Last season had some truly impressive jokes find their way onto the field, and although everyone might want to point at the New York Jets for the best source of comic relief in the NFL (Butt Fumble anyone?), believe it or not there were teams far more laughable than gang green.

So the NFL Draft came and went and what happened? These teams did as little as humanly possible to change the fortunes of their floundering franchises. You would think some of these teams would need a new quarterback or a big time impact player but nope, they were happy compiling defensive linemen along with several other non-impact positions. Camp hasn’t even started yet, and you can already sense the 3-13s and the 4-12s from a mile away. Certain teams just resonate atrociousness, and when a team starts to do terribly, sometimes that becomes their way of life. Every NFL season holds its fair share of surprise teams and stories, but to say any of the teams on this list are going to surprise anyone is to really dream high.

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5. Oakland Raiders

Mitch Stringer- USS PRESSWIRE

Ah, the Oakland Raiders. How you've wowed us over the years with your 300 pound quarterbacks and linebackers putting guns to peoples' heads. What a graceful franchise you are. What's the plan this year, Oakland? Are you going to throw Matt Flynn on a team where the biggest receiving threat is Rod Streeter? Maybe give Terrell Pryor a shot and then once he's been smacked so hard on the field that he disintegrates into illegal Ohio State dollars, give that guy Tyler Wilson a shot. Bottom line for the Raiders is that their 2013 season is currently a quarterback wasteland and that would be fine if their defense didn't resemble a group of blind children chasing after squirrels.

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4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Melina Vastola- USS PRESSWIRE

The Jacksonville Jaguars are primed for their best season in years with a roster that features a disgruntled star running back, a quarterback who would get cut in a high school tryout and an owner who is more interested in plundering the world for oil than having a successful football season. I hope you can read sarcasm because this assembly of players has as much of a chance at a winning season as Roger Goodell has of walking away from a James Harrison and Jonathan Vilma hosted bingo night with his life. The Jaguars have the aggression of France on offense, and defensively, their corners couldn't stop a catatonic ox from busting a big play on them. One bright spot for the Jags is Denard Robinson. My guess is they ask him to sell his teeth for better players.

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3. Arizona Cardinals

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Also known as the Carson Palmer experiment part two, the 2013 Arizona Cardinals are loaded on defense,yet their offense still looks less threatening than a gerbil covered in cotton candy. They have Larry Fitzgerald, but I'm fairly certain the star receiver won't help much to make Palmer look like he has any sort of down the field accuracy. Let's be honest, Palmer is done as a starting quarterback and anybody that throws his somewhat impressive numbers in my face from last year, clearly didn't watch the games as much of his yardage was racked up after his team was down four touchdowns. The Cardinal defense looks great, but there is only so much a team can do on defense when their offense is abysmal. Just ask the New York Jets. Speaking of which...

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2. New York Jets


As long as Mark Sanchez starts for this team, they aren't going anywhere. Half of the team hates him at this point and the other half is dreaming up bulletin board material for other teams to use against them this coming season. The draft served the Jets a golden chance at rebuilding, but instead of drafting for offense, they basically padded an already solid defense. They chose Geno Smith and so far he's fit the Jets' persona perfectly with accusations of being a diva and not caring enough being thrown around. The receiving corps is still an absolute joke and they basically traded Darrelle Revis for unproven injury-prone corner Dee Milliner. Not one move the New York Jets made this offseason made any sense, and with an ever improving AFC East around them, they are likely to be cellar dwellers once again.

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1. Tennessee Titans


What a mess. The Tennessee Titans are just a collection of broken ideas at this point in time. No cohesion, no rhythm to their game, nothing. Jake Locker is one of the most spectacularly inaccurate quarterbacks to ever grace a football field, and he doesn't have much help from his wideouts. Kenny Britt may one day be the beastly number one wide receiver that he should be, but he has to stop getting arrested for the most obscure crimes imaginable. Chris Johnson said he's going to out rush Adrian Peterson's insane numbers from last year, but I don't know what offensive line he plans to do that behind. The Titans are abysmal at almost every position besides running back, and when you look at the division they are in, their best bet is to sweep the Jaguars because they have zero chance to beat anyone else.