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5 New York Jets Veterans Who Deserve to Be Cut

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New York Jets: 5 Veterans Who Deserve To Be Cut

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Hey, I wonder if that inflatable player in the picture can actually play because we all know by now that most of this New York Jets team cannot to save their lives.

Now I am a Jets fan, but I will be the first to admit that this team is light-years away from actually being a contender. I hope my fellow Jets fans can admit this too. The sad fact of the matter is that this team is a dysfunctional mess, circus, joke, and all of the above.

The Jets franchise lately seems to be more interested in making headlines than actually winning games. Every year is filled with false promises and failed guarantees, yet the Jets organization has made little strides to better themselves as a team. Instead this franchise keeps adding more fuel to the fire and things just keep on getting worse. Take the Tim Tebow signing for instance as a prime example to the stupidity that is the Jets.

However, since new GM John Idzik decided to release Tebow after one failed season with the team, he did not make this list. But don’t worry since there are plenty of Jets to go around that should not be on this team.

This is a list of the top 5 Jets veterans who need to be let go. And they should be let go sooner rather than later as this Jets team needs to seriously rebuild, and that is a large understatement.

I mean in order to get better you must admit that there's a problem, right? Well the Jets have plenty problems that need to be admitted and fixed as soon as humanly possible.

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5. Dawan Landry

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Starting off this list is Dawan Landry. Yes, the Jets just signed him after letting his brother LaRon Landry go, but what is that saying to the Jets fanbase? We can't afford good players so now we are gonna get cheap knockoffs of the real thing? It's like when you were a kid at the grocery store and wanted some good name-brand cereal but your parents got the cheap imitation and said it was gonna be just as good. But it sadly was not.

This is what i think about this Jets' signing and why I think Dawan needs to be cut. I mean how good can a player possibly be if he was cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars? Not only is he not as good as his brother LaRon, but he is older too. Oh goody.

By the way, that is Dawan in the picture missing a tackle, which is probably something we will see a lot of this season.

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4. Mike Goodson

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Oh yes, Mike Goodson. Another brilliant Jets offseason pickup. So brilliant that almost immediately after the Jets signed him he was arrested for drug and weapon possession. As if the drama with the Jets couldn't get any better.

What makes this amazing is that Goodson is even on this list which means the Jets have not cut him yet. Why would they? Every team needs a backup running back who is in trouble with the law. Unfortunately the Jets front office does not get my sarcasm so I will just be direct and to the point. Cut him now.

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3. Santonio Holmes

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Santonio Holmes is a very talented wide receiver and a lot of teams can definitely use him, but just make sure you are a good team. Holmes has proved time and time again, like a lot of drama queen wide receivers in the NFL, that when the going gets tough, blame the quarterback.

At one point this guy was even a team captain with the Jets - which was another joke in itself - but I digress. Holmes is not a problem fixer. He is not a leader.

If the Jets struggle this year, which most likely they will, watch out for Holmes to say something stupid and bash one of his players which will split up the locker room yet again. Maybe the Jets should have realized something was wrong when the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to trade him to the team. It's not like his four-game suspension before even joining the Jets was any clue.

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2. Mark Sanchez

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After the Jets decided to pick Geno Smith in this year's draft, everyone figured that Mark Sanchez would either be traded or released. Of course not. Why would the Jets do anything logical? Instead they are gonna have a quarterback competition between Smith and Sanchez, even though Sanchez has regressed every single season since he has been in the NFL and has greatly fallen out of favor with the Jets fan base.

Please stop toying with this man like you did Tim Tebow and just release Sanchez already so he can move on with his life. Sanchez could be a solid quarterback if on a smaller market team, because it has been pretty obvious that he does not handle pressure well. Do I have to remind you all of the infamous butt fumble?

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1. Rex Ryan

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Yes, Rex Ryan. Notice the title of this list says veterans and not veteran players. Ryan is now a veteran coach who has greatly overstayed his welcome with the Jets franchise and needs to be cut, fired, and let go as soon as possible.

Who would have thought that all of his failed Super Bowl guarantees, questionable play calling, his big mouth, his love for feet, and him not even knowing what goes on with his own offense would wear thin with Jets fans?

Rex said that last year's Jets team had the best talent out of all the Jets teams he has coached. Really? Finishing 6-10 and not making the playoffs is better than going to back to the AFC Championship games, which the Jets did back to back seasons in 2009 and 2010, before Rex was a complete joke?

He is the biggest reason why the Jets are the laughing stock of the NFL that they are. If Ryan is fired from his head coaching duties, (which everyone hopes is very soon), the Jets can finally move on and leave the circus behind once and for all. But as long as he is still employed with the franchise, the losing followed by the laughing of many will sadly continue. Please Jets do the smart thing and fire Ryan already!