Arizona Cardinals in Bad Situation to Rebuild

By Andrew Fisher
Bruce Arians Arizona Cardinals
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The Arizona Cardinals are in a much better place than they were a year ago.  They’ve finally got a quarterback they can rely on, and they landed one of the brightest new head coaches in the entire league. It was a pretty solid draft for the Cardinals, top to bottom, and there’s just frankly a bunch of reasons to be excited about the future if you’re a Cardinals’ fan. But man, they’re in a crappy situation.

What I mean by that, is the division they play in. Oh yes, the often highly praised NFC West. Two years ago it was probably one of the worst divisions in league history, with a losing team winning the crown, but things have changed in a big hurry out West. There are now two Super Bowl contenders that reside in the division, as well as a couple up and coming squads like the Cardinals.

I truly love most of the moves Arizona has made this offseason, but I just don’t think they’ll amount to much in 2013. There’s nothing wrong with that, because who rebuilds a team in just one year? But if this Cardinals team played in any other division, we’d be talking about them in a completely different manner. I just don’t see a scenario where Arizona comes out of the West as division champ, or with wild card spot. The NFC as a whole, is just too loaded.

Cardinals’ fans won’t want to hear it, but the majority of NFC teams, are just in better positions right now. The right players are in place in the desert, it’s just going to take a couple years for things to come full circle.


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