Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco Not As Good As Matt Ryan?

By Dan Abeshouse
Joe Flacco
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

They did it, they really did it. Last night I was watching the NFL Networks Top 100 Best Player List for 2013, an asinine list to begin with. What made it more asinine was the fact that Matt Ryan (No. 17) ranked ahead of the current Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.

Now if the list is based on last year’s regular season, then I would have no problem with Ryan being ahead of Flacco. It’s never really made clear what the criteria of the list is, oh but guess what? Playoff footage was used when showcasing the players. Which means the playoffs would have to be a part of the criteria if they put the footage in during the post-production process. Another thing about this so-called list is, if it’s solely based on last year then shouldn’t Flacco be No. 1?

Quite simply, Flacco is better then Ryan and always has been. My argument is simple, look at the playoff records of both guys. After all, isn’t the post season where you make your legacy? Flacco is 9-4 in the playoffs including a record breaking six road wins and of course a Super Bowl MVP. Ryan on the other hand is 1-4.

For anyone who makes the argument that Flacco was a part of better teams with the Baltimore Ravens then Matt Ryan was with the Atlanta Falcons is sadly kidding themselves. Sure the Ravens had the better defenses throughout the years, but who had the better offensive weapons? Clearly Ryan did. Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez are more explosive then Anquan Boldin, Torrey Smith and Dennis Pitta. Yes, Ryan has had better offensive weapons and has done diddly poo (my ode to Jim Mora) in the grand scheme of things.

Rings don’t lie, trophy’s don’t lie. The day Ryan wins a Super Bowl is when you could talk about him being better then Flacco, until then shut the front door about it. Until next time my friends.

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